New strategies and streamlining procedures are in the works for Duchesne Clinic!

Dr. Shellie Ellis, Assistant Professor of Health Policy Management at KU graciously volunteered the services of three graduate students from her Introductory Operations class to conduct a Performance Improvement Project at Duchesne. Madison Davis, Jackie McCullough and Lauren Liguore spent time observing the current work flow of Duchesne Clinic and how it impacts the experience of our patients when they have an appointment.

The students did lots of background research and shared with us their insights and opportunities for improvement at our April staff meeting. Together we decided to work on our “no show” rate to better understand the many challenges our patients face getting to their doctor appointments. For so many of them, transportation is a challenge. For others it’s getting off work or juggling childcare. We want to look at the whole picture and see if there is something we can do differently to help.

For the next month or so our staff will use a special tool to chart goals and how often we meet them.
We are excited to see the results of these efforts. Currently we average a 10 – 12% no show rate and our goal is to drop it to 7 – 8% by this fall..

We aspire to always be improving how we care for our patients. By participating in projects like this with the Health Policy students at KU, we are learning how we can collaborate better to keep improving. As we do so, we maintain our commitment to our mission to reveal and foster God’s healing love by improving the health of the people and communities we serve, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.

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