As our communities reopen, please know that Caritas Clinics is here to safely serve you and your family. We are following CDC guidelines to ensure your safety, and our staff has dedicated countless hours to ensure the right processes and resources are in place to keep you safe when you need care.

If you are unsure about what types of healthcare you can or should access during this time, please remember:

Do not delay seeking emergency care.

Chest pain, strokes, and other serious conditions should never be ignored. Call 911 if you or a loved one is experiencing a medical emergency.

Continue getting treatment for chronic conditions.

If you have diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure or other chronic conditions, it is important to continue following your care plan and stay in touch with your primary healthcare provider.

Take advantage of new telephone visit options.

Many non-urgent conditions can be treated safely and easily with a telephone call with your primary care provider.

Schedule in-person appointments by calling the clinics.

If a telephone visit is not appropriate for your care, our clinics are open to see you.

We’re here to help.

Not sure whether a telephone or in person visit is best for you? No problem. Just call and talk to one of our staff who will confirm the best type of visit for your needs and then schedule it as soon as possible.

Saint Vincent Clinic

Duchesne Clinic