I am so glad to be part of the story of Caritas Clinics.  Before arriving at Caritas and upon announcing my transition, colleagues would lovingly say, ‘Oh Duchesne, I volunteered there as a student.’ Or, ‘Is Gloria still there?’ Or, ‘Once you get settled, let me know how I can help!’

The story of these clinics has touched so many lives through so many decades.  Last Friday, Jennifer Wewers, the Director of Development, and I were flipping through scrapbooks capturing the early days of Duchesne and Saint Vincent. Many familiar names and faces were revealed – leaders in health care and health education across our Kansas City metro community started their careers as volunteer students and providers through service to Caritas.

As the new Medical Director, I will honor and support the history of Caritas. The sustainability of our safety net clinics – an almost 30 year history — is a testament to our patients, families, staff and providers.   With that said, we may need to integrate new ideas and innovations in order to continue our story, and I hope to shepherd our organization through these transitions.

The Caritas Story.

Please know that if you have a story to share about Caritas, please reach out. I would like to hear from you, and include your voice as I weave together my understanding of the past, present and future of these clinics.  With changes in foundational giving, uncertainty about health insurance, and worry about the safety and welfare of our most vulnerable neighbors, we need you to be part of this story.   Using the words of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth during their 100 Days of Prayer online campaign, please help us at Caritas to continue to “reach out and embrace the most vulnerable in our communities.”

If you are interested in getting an update from Dr. Jana Zaudke about the stories at Caritas Clinics, please text DOCTORZ to 22828. Thanks!

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