“I owe everything to the clinic,” says patient Doris Ramos. She recently turned 65 and finally decided to get serious about the diabet es that has plagued her
for more than three decades. She had a little chat with herself, “Doris, you’re 65 now. You don’t have time to fool around.”

Doris has been coming to Saint Vincent Clinic for more than eight years. She’s now a retired elementary education para professional. When she was working,
she wasn’t able to afford health insurance, let alone the medications she needed for her Type 2 diabetes. Doris credits her change in mindset to the help of
St. Vincent Clinic.

We’re proud of Doris’ accomplishments as well. She has lost nearly 60 pounds and her daily sugar rates are well within the normal range. Doris is slow to mention her achievements, but there’s no denying her hard work and persistence. Not only is her A1C less than 10 for the fir st time in 3 years, her cholesterol panel is under control and her thyroid has normalized.

Saint Vincent’s providers also helped identify a thyroid issue left undiagnosed for several years.

“I have increased energy, strength and stamina,” says Doris. “I used to barely be able to get out of bed. Now I jump out of bed!” Doris is gr ateful for the
care at Saint Vincent’s, “This is where good things have happened to me.”

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