We will reveal and foster
God's healing love by
improving the health
of the individuals and
communities we serve,
especially those who
are poor and vulnerable.

  THANK YOU, Kimmie and Abby, for lending us your pharmacy expertise and streamlining the process for our medical providers. When we spend less time finding the right medication, we can spend more time with our patients! —Jana Zaudka, MD; Medical Director How many of you had the flu or some other awful illnes s, like…

I am so glad to be part of the story of Caritas Clinics.  Before arriving at Caritas and upon announcing my transition, colleagues would lovingly say, ‘Oh Duchesne, I volunteered there as a student.’ Or, ‘Is Gloria still there?’ Or, ‘Once you get settled, let me know how I can help!’ The story of these…

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